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Make your spending work for you! Stop using your card for cash withdrawals, instead pay with your card, get points and enjoy the benefits of BEIRUT REWARDS®.
  • What is the Beirut Rewards® program?
  • Beirut Rewards® is a point-based on-line Loyalty program. With Beirut Rewards® you can turn your spending money into multiple choices of valuable rewards; Air Tickets, Hotel reservations, Car Rental, Gift Catalogue, Cash Back, Talk Time, Megabyte and Donations.  This is our way to thank our loyal customers.

  • How can I collect Beirut Points® ?
  • Use any type of Bank of Beirut credit or debit card for all your in-store or on-line purchases to collect Beirut Points®. The more you use Bank of Beirut cards the more of Beirut Points® you can accumulate increasing your choices of valuable and rewarding gifts.

  • Do I need to enrol in the Beirut Rewards® Program?
  • All bank of Beirut Customers whose mobile is on file are automatically enrolled in the Beirut Rewards® program. If we don’t have the mobile number, our customers need to pass by any branch to update their profile information with their mobile number and email address.

  • Is there any fee to participate in the Beirut Rewards® program?
  •  No, there is no fee to participate in the Beirut Rewards® program.

  • What happens to the points I have earned from the previous cash back program?
  • These points were automatically transferred by the bank to your new Beirut Rewards® account and will be referred to as Beirut Points®.

  • How do I access my Beirut Rewards® account?
  • You can access your Beirut Rewards® account via bank’s website or mobile application when log - in using a user name and password.

    If it is your first time to log-in to Beirut Rewards® application, you will be requested to read the Terms and Conditions pop up and press on accept to be able to proceed.




  • How Beirut Points® are calculated?
  • Beirut Points® are calculated depending on the type of card you use. For instance, for every 1$ or its equivalent spent on your Bank of Beirut cards, you earn the below listed points:

    • Visa Infinite - Credit Card: 1.40 points
    • Platinum, Business, and Signature - Debit and Credit Cards: 1.00 point - 1.25 points

    University affinity cards ( LAU, ICAA, Antonine, USEK, USJ, NDU, AUST ) 

    • Gold - Debit and Credit Cards: 0.75 point
    • Classic - Debit , Charge and Credit Cards:0.50 point


    i.e., for a purchase of US$250 using a Gold Credit Card, the total number of Beirut Points will be as follows:


    250$ x 0.75pts = 187.5pts rounded up to 188pts.

  • Do I earn Beirut Points® on all types of banking transactions?
  • You only earn Beirut Points® for purchases made on-line and in-store using primary and/or supplementary Bank of Beirut Cards; Credit and Debit cards.

  • Is there a limit of how many Beirut Points® I can earn?
  • No. there is no limit of how many Beirut Points® you can earn.

  • How can I find out how many Beirut Points® do I have?
  • When you log-in to Beirut Rewards® application, your available Beirut Points® are displayed under your name on top of the Beirut Rewards® Website pages and on your Beirut Rewards® statement of account.

  • When can I redeem my Beirut Points®?
  • You can redeem your Beirut Points® on-line at any time provided you have an email address, your account and card are in good standing and you have the minimum points required for the type of redemption that might differ from one redemption type to another

Beirut Rewards FAQ's
  • How do I pay for my reward if I don’t have the minimum required in Beirut Points?
  • If you don’t have the value of reward in points, you can pay 75% of value in points and the remaining in cash using any debit or credit card for the following redemption types; Air Tickets, Hotel Booking, Car Rental, Gift Catalogue.

  • What is the minimum required Beirut Points® for redemption?
  • No minimum of Beirut Points® required for any type of redemption except for the Talktime/Megabyte where the minimum is 1000pts and a minimum of 2000pts for the CashBack


  • How can I redeem my Beirut points ®?
  • You can redeem your “Beirut Points®” by log-in to Beirut Rewards® website or Beirut Rewards® application or by calling our Contact Center for assistance, from Lebanon at 1262 from abroad at 00-961-595-5262. 



  • Are my Beirut Points® automatically redeemed by the Bank?
  • Your Beirut Points® are not automatically redeemed by the bank. It is up to you to redeem your Beirut Points® using the below redemption options displayed on the application:   


    1. Gift Catalogue:   Redemption for gifts from the website catalogue.
    2. Cashback:      Redemption for cash credited into account.
    3. Talk time or Mega Bite:  Redemption for talk time or Mega.
    4. Beirut Donation: Redemption for donation.
    5. Travel Section:  Redemption for airline tickets, Hotel reservations and/or Car rental.
    6. Special Deals:  Redemption for promotional / discounted items.
  • What happens to my Beirut Points® if I don’t redeem them?
  • Your Beirut Points® will expire one year from the month posting date to your Beirut Rewards® account.

    i.e. all points collected on any day during a given month, they will expire at the beginning of that same month the following year .

  • Can I transfer my Beirut Points® to someone else?
  • Yes, you can transfer all or part of your Beirut Points® to your other accounts or another Beirut Rewards® member’s accounts provided both accounts are active

  • Can I set up automatic redemption of my Beirut Points®?
  • You can only set up automatic monthly redemption as a donation to Red Cross Organization.

  • Can I amend or cancel my automatic monthly donation?
  • Yes, you can cancel or amend the number of Beirut Points® of your pre-set monthly donation.

  • Who to call if I need clarification or have a comment or complaint regarding the Beirut Rewards® program or my Beirut Points®?
  • Beirut Rewards® Members can request clarification or submit a comment / complaint:

    • In person at any bank of Beirut branch,
    • By regular mail to our P.O.Box 11-7354  Beirut-Lebanon,
    • By e-mail to,
    • By phone from Lebanon at 1262 from or from abroad at +961-5-955262,
    • By using the complaint section on Bank’s website,
    • By submitting a claim in the “branch box claim” at any Bank of Beirut branch,
    • By posting a comment or complaint at our Bank of Beirut Web Site.
Beirut Rewards FAQ's

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