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Get rewarded… Get CashBack on cards usage

Bank of Beirut offers CashBack on Debit. Credit and Charge card usage, redeemable on a monthly basis
Get rewarded… Get CashBack on cards usage
  • How do I redeem my loyalty CASHBACK points?
  • Once you exceed 2000 points, they will be automatically redeemed on the 7th of every month. Clients will soon be able to redeem their points / choose their rewards through online banking.

  • Is there an expiration period on points accumulated if not redeemed or if the minimum balance for redemption is not met?
  • Points collected below 2000 will expire after 90 days as from the date of first point collected.

  • Are there any additional SMS fees for the Loyalty Program?
  • No additional fees for the SMS notification regarding points accumulated or redeemed
  • When will the client receive an SMS notification?
  • The day following the usage of Credit / Debit and Charge Cards on P.O.S (SMS notification of the collected points)

    The day following the redemption of accumulated points.

  • Does the CashBack redemption apply on slices of 2000 points only?
  • NO. A minimum of 2000 points is required to start benefitting, which will be redeemed in due time (on the 7th of every month)

  • Which currency will be used for redemption (in case of cash back)?
  • Both currencies: LBP or USD The day following the usage of Credit / Debit Cards on P.O.S (SMS notification of the collected points)
  • Where can the customer see the total points accumulated?
  • Either via online Banking: Account Management → CashBack Points OR by calling our contact center on 1262 from Lebanon or on +961 5 955262 from abroad

  • Is there a calculator for points on the Web?
  • Yes, via Go To: Personal → CASHBACK loyalty program → Point collection, then use the calculator

  • Is the internet Card considered a product? If yes, how are the reward points calculated?
    Yes, it is a product and the points will be calculated as for any other debit card.
  • Can the Client choose the loyalty redemption option (Cashback, Megabytes, Talk time or Red Cross donation)?
  • Yes, the client can choose any of the available options for redemption. However, If no option is chosen, the Cashback option will be taken by default.

  • Are the points redeemed automatically on monthly or quarterly… basis?
  • On monthly basis on the 7th of every month.

  • Is there a ceiling on points earned per transaction?
  • No. Points are granted according to the amount dealth with or transaction.

  • How can I get CASHBACK points?
  • By using any of bank of Beirut’s Debit/ Credit and Charges cards.

Loyalty FAQ

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