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Bank of Beirut Hosts Webinar on Electronic Payment Solutions for NGOs

Bank of Beirut Hosts Webinar on Electronic Payment Solutions for NGOs

Bank of Beirut held with BoB Finance a webinar for local and international NGOs, exploring the Bank’s suite of electronic solutions tailored to NGO businesses.

The online event took place on June 2nd, featuring speakers from Bank of Beirut - Mr. Fred Khoury and from BoB Finance Mr. Michael Abdelnour. The webinar was attended by more than 100 representatives of NGOs and INGOs, with interventions from several organizations sharing their experience with Bank of Beirut’s digital solutions and how they helped them reach out to people in need.


Khoury explained that upon enrollment to Bank of Beirut channels, NGOs will have the possibility to receive donations into their account and collect directly all donations sent online or through card payments. He added that the platform also allows to collect regular contributions from the donors’ accounts through the simple Direct Debit process. Aids can also be distributed through pay cards to unbanked beneficiaries in order to avoid cash handling and associated risks. 
Abdelnour added on this matter by showcasing how NGOs can also benefit from cash over the counter payment services through BoB Finance available at the company’s 700 outlets in Lebanon, allowing NGOs to make online bulk payments to beneficiaries in regions all over Lebanon.

It is to be noted that Bank of Beirut ATM and Branch Network enable full access to fresh funds through cash withdrawals and international payments.


Sharing their own proven experience, Mrs. Dania Matta from IFRC said: “Having this relationship with Bank of Beirut has made our lives much easier. Operations are smoother; we have 24/7 access to information and solutions to problems are always provided”. For her part, Mrs. Basma Hayssoun from Relief International stated: “We have been partners with Bank of Beirut since 2015 and we have been able to benefit from the Bank’s and BoB Finance’s services all over Lebanon”. Mrs. Bahia Assi from Basmeh & Zeitooneh commented: “We have been benefitting from a very professional and supportive relationship with Bank of Beirut who offered us highly advanced technical support and a professional and supportive attitude”.


 Watch the webinar here

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