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During the current challenging circumstances, timely collections are vital to maximize your cash flow and enhance the management of your working capital. Our receivables solutions help you manage your collection process with speed and efficiency from the paper and electronic collection of funds, to invoicing, and data reconciliation. Your entire collection cycle is therefore managed with greater speed and efficiency, adding more value to your operations.


Collection Services

Our receivables solutions give your customers the possibility to process credit card payments quickly and efficiently. Bank of Beirut Merchant Services allows you to accept payments in-store and online in Lebanon and overseas. With our choice of collection solutions, we help you maximize your work flow.


  •  Paper Collection

Collect cash payments in your LBP and USD accounts and take advantage of the possibility to cash your fresh funds in foreign currency.

Using our Branch Network, and Western Union services, Bank of Beirut will collect your cash and cheque payments


  •  Electronic Collection

Whether online or in-store, Bank of Beirut processes your electronic payments securely, timely and with high flexibility. It allows your business mainly to collect bulk payments from any current or savings account maintained at Bank of Beirut or other local bank.

Benefit from our direct debits, card collections and in-store solutions.


Merchant Services

Giving our merchant’s customers the most accessible payment experience, while ensuring utmost security, is what we aim for. Our Merchant Services offer a wide range of secured tailored payment and collection solutions and process debit and credit card payments including new technologies such as contactless payments. Our tailored solutions enable your customers to pay as easily as possible, whether in-store, online or through our e-commerce gateways.


  • WebStore

Giving small and medium businesses the possibility to open a webstore and sell their products online,we offer the option to have our merchants’ clients’ money directly collected into their account through Bank of Beirut Simplify, our e-commerce gateway platform by MasterCard.

  • E-Invoicing

To facilitate collection and move away from physical invoices, our e-commerce gateway allows to issue secure e-invoices branded with your company’s own business logo, all managed from a central dashboard.

  • E-commerce

Our efficient and secure e-commerce gateway provides payment and collection processing services for all major card brands across all channels including e-commerce and mobile commerce, allowing you to trade globally 365 days a year.

  • In-store

We provide non-cash payment options to our merchant customers at their Points of sale. Serving major brands of local and international plastic cards and processing contactless payments, our reliable and seamless in-store point of sale payment solutions ensure utmost security for both customers and merchants so they increase their sales volume and speed up their service, reducing the risk of error and fraud. We connect your physical store with the world, as we offer you local and international payment acceptance solutions, in addition to easy and secure collection. .




Simplify processes by making payments quickly and easily using our payables solutions. Our convenient online payment services help you make payments with speed and convenience while minimizing the physical interaction with the bank.

These are combined with receivables solutions that integrate easily with payments processes for enhanced cash flow management. Read More


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