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Group Chart
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  • Subsidiaries
  • BoB Finance S.A.L
  • Bank of Beirut Invest S.A.L
  • Beirut Brokers S.A.R.L
  • Beirut Life S.A.L.
  • Bank of Sydney Ltd.
  • Bank of Beirut (UK)
  • Cofida Holding S.A.L

Local Subsidiaries

  • Beirut Life s.a.l.
    Beirut Life s.a.l.

    Launched in April 2012, Beirut Life is Bank of Beirut’s Life Insurance Company, offering a first-class range of life insurance products and services. Beirut Life s.a.l. provides key opportunities to serve the under-utilized Lebanese insurance market with distinctive life insurance products. Beirut Life offers securities, including retirement plans and life insurance plans, aimed at protecting Bank of Beirut customers and their families against the financial impacts of life’s unanticipated events, death and disabilities. 

    Bank of Beirut is committed to innovation in products, services and technology. Beirut Life’s software platform provides fast and accurate services to its clients. Beirut Life’s objective is to build and sustain unsurpassed financial capabilities, to pay claims promptly, to accumulate healthy reserves and generate benchmark returns for its shareholders. 

    The company bears calculated risks, deals with renowned reliable re-insurers and prices its products fairly and competitively; but above all, it offers its customers transparent products, provides value for money and an outstanding service with better protection for all stakeholders.


    In 2022, Beirut Life s.a.l. started operating with Beirut Brokers s.a.r.l. under the commercial name of Beirut Insurance Group

    • Manager Pierre Talhami
    • Address Jdeideh - Nahr el Mot Highway - Le Boulevard bldg – 3rd & 7th floor.
    • Telephone 961 1 902366 | 466 | 377 | 477
    • Website info
  • BoB Finance s.a.l.
    BoB Finance s.a.l.

    BoB Finance is an electronic money transfer company regulated by the Central Bank of Lebanon and fully owned by Bank of Beirut.


    In 2009, BoB Finance was appointed as a Western Union agent for Lebanon and since then has offered W.U.’s Money TransferSM services. In 2012, we positioned ourselves as a retail bank for non-bank account holders with more than 850 locations spread across Lebanon, enabling walk-in customers to transfer money around the world, settle their postpaid mobile bills, purchase internet cards, top up local and foreign prepaid mobile phones, settle all their Ministry of Finance taxes (Mechanique, TVA, etc…), benefit from corporate collections and payments for private and public sectors.


    In 2018 BoB Finance was appointed “Digital Agent” for Western Union, hence being the only agent to manage application. BoB Finance started its digital transformation in January 2019 and customers are now able to transfer money abroad from the comfort of their house.


    For more details please visit: or call us on 01906666

    • Head Of Western Union Business Michael Abdelnoor
    • Address Horsh Tabet, Ste Rita Strt
    • P.O box 11-7354 Beirut – Lebanon
    • Telephone +961 1 906666
    • Website info
  • Beirut Brokers s.a.r.l.
    Beirut Brokers s.a.r.l.

    Beirut Brokers s.a.r.l, is an independant private insurance consultancy firm, representing the bank’s insurance arm and providing consultancy insurance services to corporate, institutional and individual customers by offering a wide range of insurance products, in partnership with Bank of Beirut.


    In 2022, Beirut Brokers s.a.r.l. started operating with Beirut Life s.a.l. under the commercial name of Beirut Insurance Group

    • Manager Pierre Talhami
    • Address Jdeideh - Nahr el Mot Highway - Le Boulevard bldg - 3rd & 9th floor.
    • Telephone 961 1 900403 | 503 | 406 | 506
    • Website info
  • Bank of Beirut Invest s.a.l.
    Bank of Beirut Invest s.a.l.

    Bank of Beirut Invest SAL is a Lebanese joint-stock Company established in 2007 and registered under no. 130 in the Central Bank of Lebanon list of banks. Beirut Commercial Register no. 1007401. Bank of Beirut Invest SAL has a share capital of  30,000,000 shares with a par value of LBP 1,000 per share. The Bank owns 98 percent of the share capital of Bank of Beirut Invest s.a.l, the balance of 2% being owned by the directors.


    Bank of Beirut Invest SAL is regulated and supervised by Central Bank of Lebanon (“CBL”) and the Banking Control Commission (“BCCL”)


    Bank of Beirut Invest SAL is a specialized bank governed by legislative decree no. 50/83 and the Code of Money and Credit as well as Central Bank regulations. As a specialized bank, Bank of Beirut Invest SAL can engage into long-term lending, brokerage activities, and portfolio and asset management.


    • General Manager Antoine Chamoun
    • Address Beirut - Riyad El Solh Street - Bank of Beirut Bldg.
    • P.O box 11-5522 Beirut – Lebanon
    • Telephone 961 1 980222 | 333

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