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Fresh Funds Current Account

Bank of Beirut Fresh Funds Current Account is a dedicated account for fresh funds deposited, in cash, or received through international transfers or foreign currency. The account may be initiated  electronically through the Bank of Beirut Mobile App which will enable you to execute foreign currency cash withdrawals and enjoy international spending. Ideal for employees who receive their salaries in the form of incoming transfers funded by fresh money. The Fresh Funds Current Account is combined with a Fresh Funds Debit Card that may be applied for, electronically, through Bank of Beirut Mobile App.


USD Cash Withdrawals

The Fresh Funds Current Account allows you to a Fresh Funds Debit Card that allows USD cash withdrawals through the Bank’s large network of ATMs.


International Spending

International accessibility for “Fresh Funds” is available through the  Fresh Funds Debit Card. Accepted worldwide at merchants’ locations, online and over the ATMs, the Debit Card possesses competitive limits.



In the event of urgent need for foreign currency cash, or transfers to a second party, you may perform cardless cash withdrawals from any of Bank of Beirut ATM’s, simply by InstaCash through our Online Banking Service or Mobile App.


Explore the Features

Fresh Funds Current Account

A dedicated account for fresh funds deposited in cash or received through international transfers in foreign currency. This Account may be initiated electronically through the Bank of Beirut Mobile App which will allow you to perform foreign currency cash withdrawals and transfers abroad and to benefit from international spending.


Fresh Funds Current Account
  • Currency: LBP, USD and other major foreign currencies
  • No minimum Balance Required
  • Cash withdrawals over the counters or via Bank of Beirut ATMs
  • Fresh Funds Debit Card*
  • International Transfers
  • Local and International POS Card usage
  • Local and international usage on ATMs
  • Online Internet Usage
  • Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking Service

          - Digital Account Opening for the Fresh Funds Current Account

          - InstaCash person to person transfer (Local & Foreign currency), inside Lebanon**

          - Wire Transfer (Domestic & International)**

Monthly Fees:**

LBP100,000 | USD5 or c/v (F/C)

*Not applicable in case of Co-Joint Account 
**Subject to Bank of Beirut's list of Charges and Fee, 

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