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Bank of Beirut New Contact Center


You have access to your house 24 hours a day. Your car is at your service 24 hours a day. Your music library, pictures and emails are on cloud that you can access from anywhere, 24 hours a day. Why shouldn’t the same principles apply to the money in your bank account? At Bank of Beirut, your bank accounts and services are also accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere you want. BoB understands that the work schedule and social obligations that the people in Lebanon face are very time-demanding, and it took that into consideration in the design and launch of BOBDIRECT.

BoB has gone to great lengths in assuring that the design of The Contact Center is world class by turning to none other than the legendary Bernard Khoury. The visionary architect said, “People usually don’t go that far in the effort of the design when it’s a space that no one is going to visit, and no one knows where it is. Geographically, it’s in the middle of nowhere.” Khoury is not wrong. This state-of-the-art center is in the middle of nowhere, but it’s also everywhere at the same time. Through the magic of technology and design your access to your bank accounts is no longer hindered by working hours and the need to be physically present at the bank branch. In the era of cloud technology your virtual bank branch is everywhere and be ready to provide you with an excellent customer experience even if you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Since 1963, BoB has always applied the latest technology to make life easier and this latest application of the technology is no different. BOBDIRECT is a new state-of-the-art contact center that is available for BoB customers around the clock. Reaching BOBDIRECT is as easy as One, Two, Six, Two (1262), which is the number of its phone hotline. But that is only one of the multiple channels through which BOBDIRECT can be reached. If voice calls are not your thing, customers can reach BOBDIRECT through a live web chat or video conference, email, social media platforms, SMS, and even fax, for those who prefer old school methods. Not every client is the same, but these channels make sure that every client has access to the services they need using the method of their preference.

No matter which method the BoB customer opts for they are guaranteed to be met with a courteous professional, who will promptly address their needs or requests. The advisors at BOBDIRECT are well-trained and informed in order to provide customers with clear and accurate answers so that they know exactly what to expect. BoB’s commitment to do it right the first time answering up to 80% of incoming contacts within 20 seconds is reflected in this new service, which will always meet what it promises and follow up on customer requests until their satisfactory conclusions. This promise extends to all kinds of services, whether they are related to the customer’s bank accounts or other products. At this one-stop contact center, customers can inquire about interest rates, lodge complaints or recommendations, activate cards, stop stolen/lost cards, seek product instructions and help protecting clients from fraudulent attacks, along with a myriad of other services that BOBDIRECT brings so easily and conveniently to BoB’s valued customers.

BOBDIRECT reaffirms Bank of Beirut’s commitment to providing its clients with world-class levels of quality assistance, first-contact resolution, and customer satisfaction. This is just the latest step in BoB’s long history of using cutting edge technology to enhance the customer experience of its clients.

With BOBDIRECT, BoB’s professionally trained advisers and live advisors lose sleep, so customers don’t have to. But don’t worry, they do so from a facility that has their comfort and wellbeing engraved in every detail of its design; a design that can only be seen in the middle of nowhere, but can be felt everywhere.

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