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Bank of Beirut Implements BDL Basic Circular no.158

Bank of Beirut Implements BDL Basic Circular no.158

As of the first of July 2021, Bank of Beirut implemented Banque du Liban Circular No. 158 and Intermediate Circular No. 592 related to “Exceptional Measures for the Gradual Withdrawal of Deposits in Foreign Currencies”. Applicable for one year, the Circular is subject to renewal or modification for up to 5 years.



- Eligible amount: a maximum of USD50,000 applicable over 5 years with a maximum of USD9,600 per year being disbursed monthly as follows:

  • USD400 paid into a designated fresh USD account.
  • USD400 in LBP as follows:

            -USD200 deposited in a designated account at the rate of LBP15,000 as per BDL Intermediary Circular No. 592 dated August 5, 2021 to be paid in Cash.

           -USD200 deposited in a designated account at the rate of LBP15,000 as per BDL Intermediary Circular No. 592 dated August 5, 2021 to be used to settle dues through outgoing payment orders in Lebanon, banker checks issuance, domiciliated bills settlement, tax settlement and POS usage.


-Eligible currencies: All foreign currencies

-Eligible type of accounts: Individual accounts (Single, Joint, Co-Joint, Minor, Legal heirs)

-None-eligible type of accounts: Moral Persons, Establishments, Public Sector, Associations, NGOs, Financial Companies….. and clients who are subject to BDL Basic Circular 154 and did not transfer back the required amount.


* Eligible clients wishing to benefit from the Circular are invited to sign a Banking Secrecy Waiver waiving the banking secrecy on the special sub accounts opened for the sole reason of benefiting from the Circular.

* Eligible clients may benefit from BDL Basic Circular No. 151 for their accounts at other banks.



Bank of Beirut welcomes any concern, recommendation, suggestion or complaint related to the application of the BDL Basic Circular No. 158 through the following channels:

- Fill in a complaint form available at the premises of our branches, mentioning that the complaints related to BDL Basic Circular No. 158.  Sign it, seal it and place it in the complaint box installed for this purpose.

- Access to online / mobile banking application, select “complaint”.

- Access the “complaint” tab on this website:


Our Customer Service remains available 24/7 to answer all queries related to the Circular, through its hotline 1262 from Lebanon or +9615955262 from abroad. You may also reach us through our social media platforms.

Click here to find an answer to all your BDL circular 158 questions


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