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The Cycling Ride: A Day to Remember!

The Cycling Ride: A Day to Remember!

 What a perfect sunny day it was for the cycling ride we had with Deeb Akkawi!

65 of our community members, all ready and smiley, gathered in the early hours to hit the road and make the most of this day!

From Qab Elias to Ammiq, our #BoBCommunity’s ride went on for 27 Kms with lots of energy, high spirits and competition.

At the Chalet du Lac, we met for a well-deserved brunch with laughs and good times on the menu.

The sceneries and memories were all captured with snaps of pictures, which put on display the entire experience for you to live with us.

All in all, no matter what the activity may be, #BoBCommunity promises to deliver the same feeling: A great day well-spent with colleagues, discovering hidden gems of our beautiful country.

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