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BDL Intermediate Circular no. 547

For customers wishing to benefit from content of
Circular 547 related to new exceptional loans, kindly
refer to the following process.

BDL Intermediate Circular no. 547



- To be on unpaid leave (but still employed during the current crisis).


- To be earning partial salary.


- To have the loan bill of March 2020 as unpaid.


- In case the account shows the loan bill of February 2020 (or before) as unpaid, it will need to be settled, or a repayment schedule can be agreed upon with the Bank, prior to new loan review.



Main Required Documents


- Loan Application filled, signed and scanned.


Applications for Individuals – Retail. Click to download file to be properly filled, signed  and emailed to: 


Applications for Individuals – Housing loans. Click to download file to be properly filled, signed and emailed to:


Applications for Individuals – Small Business. Click to download file to be properly filled, signed and emailed to:


Applications for Companies - Consumer or Small Business. Click to download file to be properly filled, signed and emailed depending on type of facility to or



- Signed and scanned letter addressed to Bank of Beirut or an email from Bank of Beirut client, requesting the rescheduling of the four bills (months of March, April, May & June 2020) due to the drop of income or unpaid leave (for employees).


- Scanned salary attestation by the current employer (or an email sent by the current employer addressed to the bank) stating the decrease in salary or unpaid leave.


-Scanned copy of the Identification Card - ID


- For self-employed: supporting documents showing business sustainability and impact of current situation on the business.



Terms & Conditions


- 0% Loan for the repayment of the bills of March, April, May and June 2020.


- Repayment period: maximum period of 5 years.


- Monthly installments.


- First payment will start as of July 1st 2020.

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