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An event so eagerly awaited … the hiking trip to Wadi Qannoubin!

An event so eagerly awaited … the hiking trip to Wadi Qannoubin!

An event the community so eagerly look forward to every time of the year: Hiking with the #BoBHikingClub. It was classified as their favorite activity.
Hiking trips represent a serene healthy time where one get the chance to connect with nature, explore new areas in Lebanon, seek relief from the daily stress and enjoy quality time with the colleagues of the #BoBCommunity.

The latest trip to Wadi Qanoubin – the Valley of the Saints was quite special and blessed; despite the many rumors about how difficult this trail would be, and with the help of the expert guides, as well as the colleague Gilbert Diab, the trail was excellent, and all went smoothly.

The hikers had the chance to enjoy tremendous sceneries, with a variety of natural beauty ranging from rocky mountains to deep valleys, in addition to man-made beauty such as the old villages, houses and churches. As the road went along, and towards the end of the path, valleys and deep canyons merged with the sound of birds and the smell of wild herbs and flowers, ending with a lovely long passage near the river; a perfect ending to a perfect hiking adventure.

Similar trips with the #BoBCommunity have helped the colleagues over the years to come together, and have allowed them to mix and mingle and get to know and appreciate more the people they deal with every day, be it in the same department, same building or other entities at the bank.
#BoBHikingClub, the window to new friendships, new adventures and a solid community…

“I love and appreciate the effort put by BoB Hiking Club and all those involved in making these outings nothing short of memorable” - Sophie D. Haddad – Engineering Department.”

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