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“Save your Heart” awareness conference

“Save your Heart” awareness conference

They say “Home is where the heart is” we say take care of your heart and take it home.

We at Bank of Beirut takes very seriously the health of our employees. That being said, and as part of our social responsibility, Bank of Beirut in collaboration with the Medicals at the center organized an awareness session about “Preventive Behaviors related to Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases” on Thursday November 8, at Bernard Fattal Auditorium in Sin El Fil entitled “Save your Heart”.


200 employees were on time. The head of the HR department Mr.Rabih Yaghi greeted the attendees and introduced the speakers and the subjects of their panels that stresses on “saving your heart”.


On the first panel, Dr. Assaad Maalouf, CEO& Founder of Medical at the center, discussed “Saving your Heart” from prevention to Intervention explaining the risk factors for coronary artery disease, when to assess, dynamic resistance, risk of DM increases with BMI, risk assessment and impact of lifestyle changes and the steps to a Healthier Heart!


Dr.Camille Nadim Aizarani, Family Medicine Specialist and CMO at the medicals at the center, discussed during his panel the “metabolic disorders with cardiovascular risk”, explaining that “the at-risk window of opportunity for diabetes prevention is the 10 to 12 year period of beta-cell decline”, revealing the goals that were set in the Diabetes Prevention Study and the recommendations from the National Diabetes Prevention Program.


The final panel was entitled “Nutrition for a healthy heart” by Mrs. Maria Atoui El-Hajj, nutritionist and dietetics. Mrs.El-Hajj advised on the foods to avoid for a healthy heart by reading the labels carefully and being an informed consumer &comparing. She also gave practical tips to a healthier diet.

We received goodie bags at the end of the conference from the Medicals at the center.

Save your Heart!

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