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LAU Affinity
LAU Affinity

Take advantage of the lowest interest rate and exclusive range of features and rewards, all while contributing to LAU's development.


Card Limit: Up to 4 times the monthly salary (with a Maximum of USD 10'000)

Interest Rate P.O.S: 1.35%
Interest Rate Cash: 2%
No commission on purchases
2% commission on cash withdrawals with a minimum fee of USD 5 per transaction

Maximum daily P.O.S purchase limit: 100% of the available balance

Maximum daily cash limit: 50% of card limit

Minimum Settlement of 5% of the due balance (with a minimum of USD 50)

Grace period of up to 45 days, in case of the used amount's full settlement

Free travel insurance upon the purchase of travel tickets with your VISA LAU Affinity Card

Optional Priority Pass for USD 45


CashBack Loyalty Program 
Free life insurance covering the outstanding balance
Free Cash Advance

Free of Charge

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