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Kafalat – Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises
Kafalat – Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises

Your guarantee to expand your business

It's time for your business to expand with Bank of Beirut's exceptional Kafalat loan formula!

Designed to break even more boundaries, Kafalat Basic, Kafalat Delegation, Kafalat Plus, and Kafalat Innovative are customized to provide unique solutions for flourishing businesses in agriculture, industry, handicraft, technology and tourism.

Kafalat general criteria

  • Currency: Lebanese Pounds or its counter values in foreign currencies
  • Interest rates:
    • Loan in LBP: Lebanese Treasury Bonds interest rate for 1 year x 40% + 3% = 5.14%
    • Loan in USD: Libor (1 year) + 5.5% = 6.57%

    *Interests are subsidized up to 4.5% and refunded by the Central Bank to the borrower
  • Fees:
    • Annual commission: 2.5% of the value of the guarantee paid to Kafalat Company
    • BDL stamp fees are charged once: LBP 100,000
    • No Bank commission and no file fees
  • Loan purposes: Renovation or extension of premises, purchase of machinery and equipment, coverage up to 20% of working capital, salaries, cost of professionals' fees and services to the project.

    *SMEs must not exceed a maximum of 40 registered employees

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