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How it Works?

This service requires the recipient to have a mobile phone to receive, via SMS, the necessary codes mandatory for withdrawing the cash from any of Bank of Beirut’s ATMs inside Lebanon.

Herein below is a quick look at how this service works:
  • Sender initiates an InstaCash transaction using the online or mobile banking
  • Recipient receives a 5-digits transaction id. Sender receives a 6-digits withdrawal code.
  • Recipient withdraws cash from BoB ATM by entering the codes correctly.

Steps to initiate an InstaCash Transaction (by the Sender)

  • Login and chose the Card-less Withdrawal option which is under the “Payment & Transfer” group
  • Create new transfer
  • Enter the following info :
    • The account number to transfer money from
    • Recipient's mobile number (could be the account’s owner if she/he is the recipient)
    • The amount of cash to be transferred (should be selected from a list of predefined amounts available in ATMs e.g. $50, $100, $150, $200, $300 etc.)
  • Accept the Terms and conditions paragraph to proceed
  • A One Time Password (OTP) is generated and sent to the sender’s mobile to authenticate and authorize the transfer
  • Once OTP is validated successfully, the Recipient will receive a “Transaction ID”, by SMS, for later use.
  • Simultaneously, the Sender will receive, by SMS, a “Withdrawal Code” which should be shared with the recipient to withdraw the cash.

Recipient must perform the following steps to withdraw the money:

  • Obtain the “Withdrawal Code” from the sender
  • Activate the ATM menu, by pressing the keypad or touching the screen as per availability, select Card-less Services, then “InstaCash” option from the Main Menu.
  • Enter the 8-digits mobile number
  • Enter the 5-digits “Transaction ID” received via SMS
  • Enter the 6-digits “Withdrawal Code” obtained from the sender
  • After verifying correctness and validity of the codes, the cash is dispensed
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