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Business Pay Card
Business Pay Card

The Card that makes your payments easier

Are you looking for a solution that enables your company to pay your staff, clients or any beneficiary electronically, without the need for cash payments or checks?

Do you wish to transfer amounts to your unbanked seasonal staff without having to open a bank account for them?

With the Business Pay Card Solution…You Can!


Bank of Beirut Business Pay Card Solution allows you to:
  • Pay your seasonal employees, brokers, suppliers and for petty cash (Fuel refill, Per diem) electronically
  • Transfer funds to the card account without the need to open a bank account for the card beneficiary
  • Have an alternative to cash and checks
  • Track your transfer transactions online
  • Execute transfers any time (24/7)
  • Have your beneficiaries access funds through cash withdrawals at ATMs or card usage at points of sale
  • Benefit from Bank of Beirut large ATM network

The Business Pay Card in 3 easy steps:

Once you're enrolled in Bank of Beirut Business Online Banking service, all you need to do is follow 3 steps to have your beneficiaries withdraw their amounts, wherever they are.
  • Sign in
  • Transfer the amount to the Pay Card
  • Notify the beneficiary of the disbursement of his payment

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