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Bank of Sydney
Posted on 27/05/2013

Bank of Beirut is pleased to announce the rebranding of its Australian subsidiary Beirut Hellenic Bank Ltd which is now relaunched under its new name, Bank of Sydney Ltd, an inspiring new start for all of our stakeholders.

Bank of Sydney is one of the best capitalized banks in Australia with a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 23% and has achieved a 31 percent increase in net profit in 2012 as a majority owned subsidiary of Bank of Beirut. In addition, on the back of a very high liquidity ratio as well as competitive products, the Bank is well positioned to present a convincing choice for customers demanding flexible and tailored banking services.

Nicholas Pappas, Chairman of Bank of Sydney, said: “The launch of Bank of Sydney today reflects our serious ongoing commitment to providing a locally relevant, responsive and exceptionally flexible service for multicultural Australia. Our connection to the community, nimbleness and size allows us to provide a more personable, responsive and competitive service to all customers – whether an international firm, a small local business or retail customer.”

Coming to market in full strength, Bank of Sydney operates 16 branches across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. It aims to continue to significantly grow its customer base across the country and will build upon its good position in key cities.

“Sydney is an economic powerhouse, a globally recognized destination with a vibrant multicultural community. These qualities align with our own goals to be Australia’s leading relationship driven bank where every customer is provided with a highly personalized, flexible and top quality service,” Mr. Pappas said.
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