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Donate The Change
Round up your purchases to the nearest USD1 amount or LBP1,000 and donate the change to the Lebanese Red Cross.

With the “Donate THE CHANGE” unique program from Bank of Beirut, for every purchase you make with your debit or credit card, every cup of coffee, tank of gas and bag of groceries you buy, ads up to more savings that save lives.

For example, if your groceries purchases total $83.40 and you pay it with your card, Bank of Beirut will deduct $84.00 and the $0.60 extra you paid will be credited to the Lebanese Red Cross account.

Enroll in our “Donate the change” program by:
  • Visiting any Bank of Beirut branch;
  • Calling our Customer Service on 1262
  • Confirming the enrollment SMS you receive from our agents
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