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Turn your loyalty points into donations to the Red Cross!

With Bank of Beirut CashBack Loyalty Program, you can donate your earned loyalty points to the Lebanese Red Cross at any time.
Upon choosing “Red Cross Donation”, your points will be redeemed systematically on monthly basis to the Lebanese Red Cross account.

Collecting Points:

Bank of Beirut grants you points upon using your card, opening Winner account, domiciliating your salary, receiving incoming transfers, sending outgoing transfers, activating online/mobile banking and making online outgoing transfers.

Redeeming Points:

Accumulate 2,000 points and more within 3 months and choose to redeem them into donations to the Red Cross: 2000 points = $20

Enroll in our “Donate your Cashback” program by:
  • Visiting any Bank of Beirut branch;
  • Calling our Customer Service on 1262
  • Confirming the enrollment SMS you receive from our agents
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